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Gordie tossed the flat rock across the murky pond and counted. Four, five, six.....six! Six skips across the pond, that was definitely a personal best. Too bad Chris wasn't here yet. Gordie doubted he could make a throw like that again. Yawning, he turned his back on the pond and gazed at the path that led to town. Where was Chris anyway? He really should be here be now.

Stretching, he yawned again and wondered briefly what time it was. Not that it mattered much. Time here was suspended somehow. It didn't mean anything and it passed without notice. He did the same thing every day no matter what. He got up just after sunrise, he explored the town for anything or anyone new, then met Chris here at the park.

Before he could toss another rock across the lake, Gordie caught sight of Chris and ...Teddy?