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castle [ ROCK OUT ] --

Welcome, darlings, to the Stephen King Dressing Room!

(Only IN CHARACTER journals should be posting in this community -- OOC chatter goes in the community listed below! :D)

It's a simple sort of community where you can take any Stephen King character you want, make them a journal and have them interact. Doesn't matter what book or story they're from, doesn't matter if they're from a miniseries or a movie. As long as it's a character from something King related, go for it! Most of this will likely end up being very cracktastic, but that's what dressing rooms are all about. They're frantic and crazy.

There is no specific place where all of this is happening, but we're sure it's in a contained area. Maybe a street in Castle Rock -- a few shops here and there, restaurants, bars. We do know that once you're here, it's really hard to find a way back to what's normal. And you might run into some people you know, like friends or family, or maybe some people you thought had died, or someone who tried to hurt you, or that dog that went batshit crazy. Make the best of it! Throw a party, get drunk!

This isn't real after all, right?

... right?

[ you can check the character list here! ]


1.) In this game, there is no application process to go through. Basically, you make a journal for whatever character you want to be and then join the community and start posting. Although, please check to make sure your character isn't taken -- and also comment with your new character journal on the character list and let us know the character and what they're from, so we can note down your journal name and keep a list of who we have running around here.

2.) Tags! Tag a thread with your character's name. This will make it a lot easier to find posts by certain characters and all that jazz. :D

3.) Please attempt to stay somewhat in character -- this is most definitely a crack game, but you should know what your character acts like and all that good stuff. If your character gets amazingly out of hand (and so out of character), we won't hesitate to take some sort of action. I'm not sure what this action is yet (cause I don't think this'll happen), but I can assure you that it will be ACTIONY!

4.) If you want to plot with characters that's cool but no godmodding -- meaning you can't run around and control what other players are doing. Group plotting is your friend! And you can always use kingdress_ooc to plot with people in the game!

5.) KEEP THE OOC DRAMU OUT. If you have a problem with someone or something, your mods are here to help. You can reach us in the QUESTIONS/COMMENTS POST or by messaging us on LJ. I will say it again, NO WANGSTY OOC BS PLZ. This is a crazy and fun game, no being a Debby Downer! D:

6.) It's not a requirement, but joining kingdress_ooc with your normal journal (or your character's as long as you check it, lol) would be very much awesome and appreciated. Then we can all scheme and plot. Heeehehehe~


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